Spotlight: Farmer Racing, LLC.

My brother Johns accomplishments!

A blog covering a variety of topics on greyhound racing and the industry.

John Farmer grew up in the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon with his three brothers and three sisters. They were raised by full-time homemaker mother, Barbara, a Klamath Tribe member who wrote for the Portland Indian News, and father, Loren, of Black Feet descent and now retired Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendent.

John wanted to be a professional athlete. As a youngster, he practically lived at Pals Boys Club located on gritty Southeast 92nd Avenue. He excelled in Little League baseball, track and field, and especially Pop Warner football. Proud of his Native American heritage, he was a finalist for the prestigious 1979-1980 Jim Thorpe award named in honor of one of the most versatile athletes in modern sports. While playing nose and offensive guard for Marshall High School’s football team, he was named “Most Aggressive and Best Defensive Player” and also wrote the “John Farmer Sports Almanac” column for…

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