Klamath County Water Crisis

We have the Klamath Water Rights retained in our Agreement with the US GOVT. IN OUR TREATY OF 1869. So there has to be somethings done to better the LAND as was Owned by the Klamath, Modoc & Yahooskin tribes for hundreds of thousands of years before SETTLEMENT IN THE OREGON TERRITORY!

Western Montana Water Rights

Article in Livestock Market Digest
Posted with permission of author

By Heather Smith Thomas

One of the most devastating government “takings” in the history of the U.S. is in progress in Klamath County, Oregon.  This movement to get farmers and ranchers off their privately owned lands has been brewing for many years but came to a head after a sequence of events this spring and summer shut off long-time water rights and deprived landowners of their ability to irrigate or water their livestock.

This area in Oregon runs more than 100,000 head of cattle in the upper basin (above Klamath Lake—Oregon’s largest lake) during the summer, and is farming country in the irrigated land below the lake.  The water use for ranching and farming has had a convoluted history, which first gained national attention in 2001.  Using the Endangered Species Act at their tool, environmentalists, local tribes and federal authorities…

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One thought on “Klamath County Water Crisis

  1. THE Federal GOVT relocated all the Klamath & Modoc & Yahooskin TRIBAL Members after taking our Lands, timber, water rights, Crater Lake & much more our Dignity. They never asked us if we wanted to relocate. So don’t feel bad cause this has been a longroad for many. It has killed numerous Tribal members still to this day. Because they didn’t care about us only the money they could make off the timber sales, water, lands & much more. I feel for you people but we as a TRIBE have suffered more than you people will ever know!

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