Awaiting the NEW YEAR of 2012

I guess this is going to be an eventful or uneventful year, especially with all the talk about the MAYAN CALENDAR ENDING! I am not worried in any way? Cause GOD is in my life, & with him there are NO WORRIES. HE takes care of my worries for me. I have layed my life in the life of JESUS CHRIST as my LORD & SAVIOR. I am so tired of people talking about GOD like he’s a second class citizen. WHO Are these people, don’t they know these very words will ONLY HURT THEM? I wished they would really take a look at their lives before they speak, they have NO COMMON SENSE REALLY. You can see that GOD Exist’s by just looking in the MIRROR. We are all Created in his likeless, Human beings were created by GOD. Not APES? COME ON IF we were apes we wouldn’t have gotten this far NO MATTER WHAT? EVOLUTION can happen this fast.  It’s ridicoulous BUT GOD HAS Created the WORLD. GOD Can take it away also, then the MASSES Will see their Stupidity, this whole entire COUNTRY Was based on GOD, so if you don’t want to abide by the Holy Bible maybe you should consider LEAVING. That’s an OPTION for the people who fail to believe, him.  If you would only speak with GOD, your life could be so much better, then you wouldn’t have to HATE, & judge & keep lying to yourself. GOd is all there is, Oh don’t forget the Devil he is rampant, THE MORE YOU SAY There is no GOD  the more Power you give to the devil. WHO will use you for all it’s worth, so if you don’t believe in GOD. Just leave it alone. KEEP It to yourself, cause if your decision in life is to not participate in the happiness & joy, that GOD has for us all; then just stay that way QUIETLY for your life is just that WASTED.


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