Look & Find God in your life.

We are all certainly missing something in our lives if we don’t try and experience Church. If thousands of people have been followers for so many years, how could they all be wrong? I used to attend with my Grandma, but as I got older I never attended anymore. But, Now that my life has gotten lost in this world of sin & destruction. I have found my way back to God. I have asked for his help in changing my life. He has helped me immeseley with my Addiction qualities that I have left behind in my past! I couldn’t have done this without him. I wished others who find themselves in depression, addiction, alcoholism, abuse, divorce & many other family issues in the world would try and look to God for help. They will find that something they have been looking for all of their lives. JUST like I DID! You will find HOPE in a world of HATE, Violence, Murder, Sex, Drugs & all the Sins of MAN. WHY wouldn’t you want a better life for yourself & your children. DO you plan on doing the same mistakes over & over for the rest of your life? I certainly wasn’t waiting to do that again. I found that with Gods help I can be truly happy, I have found compassion for my fellow man. Which I didn’t have before. I found peace in my life. I found that He can love me & my family & make my life worth living. I am just telling you, wouldn’t you like to have a chance at a better life. If you do, look to God & Christianity. I have found a lifestyle I can live with in Happiness & JOY that I have never had before in my whole entire life before. LOOK inside of yourself and see if you worth living for. If not keep doing the same things everyone else is doing. THEN when it’s too late to do anything about it, you can blame yourself. I didn’t want any regrets in my life. JUST TRY IT AND IF IT’S NOT FOR YOU, then you can at least say you tried. BUT, God loves everyone besides if they love him or not? So find your true life history and save your future from the past.  Make a change before your chances are over forever. I think we all deserve a second chance, here yours, take it and live it and be in LOVE with it GOD!


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