I have been working on my recovery for 3 yrs. now. I have been totally sucessful except for 2 minor relapses. The last one was Oct.6th of 2008. So, I can truly say I am one devoted person in sobriety. It’s my new and happy lifestyle. I have started a new Church called Victory Outreach a few months ago. This has also helped me alot. I don’t want to hang around anyone that I was familiar with in my past life. I have made alot of good friends now and I am much much happier than I was before in the past life I got away from. My move toward’s sobriety has given me a new lease on life. I have also not been so bothered by my arthritic pain like I was before. I have been using meditation and spiritual help groups and not medicine’s anymore. I am off the pain med’s from before. I am also taking care of my depression problem’s with Therapy. Not anymore anti-depressant’s or medicine’s of any kind. I am all natural lady with no side affect’s!  Just Kidding? But, I like to think so. So my life has made a complete turn around for sure. I am doing just great, joy & happiness was a myth that I never knew before. But, now it’s a big part of my life now as I live and enjoy my life everyday. Thanks from Debrinconcita. I will check back and see how I’m doing in the very near future. Bye bye now!


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