Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!I am in a  good place right now in my recovery lifestyle. I am done with all illicit drugs and alcohol for the past 4 yrs now. I relapsed back in October 6, 2008. As for now I am totally done with everything at this time. I go to church alot for support. I talk only with people in recovery, of course sometimes hypocrits slip into the cracks. But, if they tell me lies, I don’t need them in my life right now. If they cannot even tell themselves the truth how could they be true in a friendship relationship.  I am doing really well, my depression is so much better now that Winter is over. I alway’s feel down in the wintertime. It’s springtime now and I am feeling really hopeful and inspired to do more for other’s and my Native American Tribal friends & family. I have been slacking on this part of my lifestyle. I used to be very committed to meetings and other get togethers. But, I have really kinda stayed away. It’s so I could protect myself from other’s who may still be using illicit drugs & alcohol. I don’t care who does now, I am strong enough to pass it by. I can not be triggered by anyone or anything at this time. Thats  such a great place to be in a former Addict’s life. If they can say that. It’s pretty much true, I wasn’t before this but, I feel like I am now. I have rehearsed this senario with friends and other;s  in group settings. I will be back to share more of my recovery lifestyle later on okay.  STAY STRONG FOR YOURSELF AND THEN WORRY ABOUT HELPING OTHERS IN RECOVERY!


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