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Reply by Debra Rincon 15 minutes ago Delete I watched the 4th show in the series last Monday night and this one was on GERONIMO. It was told by his ancestor’s and others in his Tribe; I loved and learned alot of things that I didn’t know about him. I really have cherished the thought that these stories are being told by Native people that were there. Not by anyone trying to cover up anything, or make the appearances or change the events to make it seem better. Just the plain old truth! Which is hardly ever been done. I am sad to say that the next part of the series is next Monday night May 11. 2009. This is the last show in the series. It is going to be about "WOUNDED KNEE". Then and Now, told by the people that were there, and where they are now, and other’s that witnessed this very important part of Native American History and about AIM. I personally have known people that were there in South Dakota at the time of this event. I actually went to school with Russell Mean’s daughter, when I resided in Eagle Butte, SD. I moved away from the Reservation of the Pine Ridge Cheyenne River Sioux at the age of 11-12 yrs. of age. My aunt and mother knew Leonard Peltier as a friend of the family and Russell Means too. I have followed the trials and Court Cases on and about Leonard Peltier throughout the years. I was right in the middle of the AIM Movement as a youngster. I was really kinda young to really know what was going on so much. But, I did remember the violence


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