All Who Need Support In Recovery!

We all need help and support to stay clean and sober in Recovery! I couldn’t have done it this long if it wasn’t for friends who have the same goals as me? I want to thank all the Clean and Sober people in Clean Freaks, and Allied East. All of you know who you are, the rest must find a way to change your way of thinking, before it’s too late? I have sought out help from alot of online sites affiliated with Narcotics Anynomous and other resources I could find help from. I appreciate all who are responsible for my change of life’s purpose for myself and my family. I know I haven’t had much time to support others like myself, but now I feel that I can help someone now. If there’s anyone who would like to ask me any questions on what I found helpful, please let me know, and I will help you as much as I can. I know some people helped me in my time of need. Now I would like to return the favors given to me. Anytime of day or night, I’m usually online, if I’m not at a meeting for NA support. Later, Deb Rincon Lopez, from SE PTLD/OR.

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