Dana White: UFC champ Conor McGregor still ‘wants to defend his title this year’ — MMAjunkie

I cannot wait to see this matchupp

Filed under: Featured Videos, News, UFC, VideosOne of the main questions around Conor McGregor’s mega boxing fight with Floyd Mayweather is whether, after collecting what will for sure be a hefty paycheck, the UFC champ will ever return to the octagon. According to UFC President Dana White, the answer is – so far, and for…

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Whats with “God as we understand Him”?

Good info for all people dealing with Addict lifestyles.

Chaz' journey back.

I hear ongoing concern and even debate over “God as I understand Him”.  For those not familiar with the 12 steps or AA, “God as I understand Him” comes from the wording in the third AA step.  Specifically, “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him”.

Those who have a clearly defined understanding or belief of who God is, appear often to find this challenging or offensive.  I suppose I understand.  Yet even among people of the same faith systems, do we not all know God only as we understand him?

Do any two Christians, Muslims, or Jews understand God the exact same way?  What about our various denominations, sects, and cultures of any major faith?  Do they not all have very distinct view of what they presume to be the same God?  Are there not members of major faith…

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Spotlight: Farmer Racing, LLC.

My brother Johns accomplishments!

A blog covering a variety of topics on greyhound racing and the industry.

John Farmer grew up in the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon with his three brothers and three sisters. They were raised by full-time homemaker mother, Barbara, a Klamath Tribe member who wrote for the Portland Indian News, and father, Loren, of Black Feet descent and now retired Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendent.

John wanted to be a professional athlete. As a youngster, he practically lived at Pals Boys Club located on gritty Southeast 92nd Avenue. He excelled in Little League baseball, track and field, and especially Pop Warner football. Proud of his Native American heritage, he was a finalist for the prestigious 1979-1980 Jim Thorpe award named in honor of one of the most versatile athletes in modern sports. While playing nose and offensive guard for Marshall High School’s football team, he was named “Most Aggressive and Best Defensive Player” and also wrote the “John Farmer Sports Almanac” column for…

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Terrorism suspects claim to be ‘proud’ Algonquins, says report

I don’t believe it? but only they know the truth.


0111 terrorist arrests


The Ottawa twin brothers who both face terrorism-related charges are claiming to be members of the Algonquin First Nation, according to an APTN National News report.

The report cites sources as saying that Carlos and Ashton Larmond, 24, are “very proud” Algonquins, adding that “they believe they’re the first First Nation converts to Islam to have been charged under anti-terror laws in Canada.”

APTN also says the twins’ father, Anthony Larmond, claims his sons get their aboriginal heritage through his side of the family, although, as the report notes, he could not recall a First Nation community to which his family might be associated.

The Larmonds were charged in early January with several terrorism-related offences, including participation in the activity of a terrorist group, following their arrest by the RCMP.

At the time, their lawyer Joseph Addelman said his clients “intend to vigorously defend these allegations,” and that the…

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Klamath County Water Crisis

We have the Klamath Water Rights retained in our Agreement with the US GOVT. IN OUR TREATY OF 1869. So there has to be somethings done to better the LAND as was Owned by the Klamath, Modoc & Yahooskin tribes for hundreds of thousands of years before SETTLEMENT IN THE OREGON TERRITORY!

Western Montana Water Rights

Article in Livestock Market Digest
Posted with permission of author

By Heather Smith Thomas

One of the most devastating government “takings” in the history of the U.S. is in progress in Klamath County, Oregon.  This movement to get farmers and ranchers off their privately owned lands has been brewing for many years but came to a head after a sequence of events this spring and summer shut off long-time water rights and deprived landowners of their ability to irrigate or water their livestock.

This area in Oregon runs more than 100,000 head of cattle in the upper basin (above Klamath Lake—Oregon’s largest lake) during the summer, and is farming country in the irrigated land below the lake.  The water use for ranching and farming has had a convoluted history, which first gained national attention in 2001.  Using the Endangered Species Act at their tool, environmentalists, local tribes and federal authorities…

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MY THOUGHT’s For Feburary 6, 2014.

I haven’t been to by blogpage for awhile I was going thru medical issues, but I know I am nearing the end now! I am feeling so much better & with GOD’s Many blessings I am back to myself once again. TRUST In GOD for he is the one & only True GOD in this WORLD. I have seen things that many wouldn’t believe. So he will guide your life now & into the future, just as he has done for mine since 2005. Image